Key texts & links

Council of Europe/ Court texts, bodies and web sites

1280px-European_Court_of_Human_Rights_logo.svgThe text of the European Convention on Human Rights can be found here.

A vast amount of material on the ECHR and the Court can be found on the Court’s website.

Court_in_briefAt a very introductory level there are some useful Information documents here, whilst this book may also be of general interest

Case law analysis provided by the Court is available here, and this in the link to the videos on how to use Court’s case law database (Hudocs), Details on how to make an application to the Court can be found here (it is essential that you follow the instructions very carefully indeed).Cover_Anni_Book_ENG


Details of the Judges on the Court, including their c.v.s can be found here.

The Committee of Ministers’ web site regarding the execution of judgments isindex1


Important information on the Convention also emanates from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, notably from its Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights: see here.

In the domestic (Parliamentary context), the Joint Committee on Human Rights is essential (see the video here).

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