There are several videos on the Court available on its website and also on Youtube. The video here provides and overview of the Court and is insightful, even if it presents a rather upbeat view of the Convention. This video is a documentary on the Court, also of interest.

Watch this video if you are interested in admissibility process.

On the Court’s web pages you can find web casts of hearings before the court dating back to around 2007.

A video explaining the process for the supervision of the execution of judgements can be found here.

Many other videos are available on YouTube. They are, of course, of variable quality. The following are particularly noteworthy for the quality of their content regarding the UK-Strasbourg theme:


Investigating the European Court of Human Rights (BBC documentary, February 2011): in two parts (here and here).

feldProfessor David Feldman on, respectively, the prisoner voting issue and the Abu Qatada case; Nicola Padfield on the Vinter case; and this video by Dr Mark Elliott on the current situation (May 2015) as regards human rights law in the United Kingdom.

spielhardBBC ‘HardTalk’ interview with the Court’s President, Dean Spielmann (audio only).

There is another illuminating interview with President Spielmann here (The ECHR: an Instrument for Change), as well as one with Judge Angelika Nußberger (here).

bratzaThis (2013) interview with former President Bratza is also well worth watching.


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