ECHR Reform

38237_02_145_2009-04-20(This part of the site is under construction)

The most topical document on reform of the ECHR at the moment is: ‘Consolidated draft CDDH final report
on the longer-term future ofthe Convention system


History of the Court’s Reforms

Reform Conferences

Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH): “The CDDH’s principal role, under the auspices of the Committee of Ministers, is to set up standards commonly accepted by the 47 member states with the aim of developing and promoting human rights in Europe and improving the effectiveness of the control mechanism established by the European Convention on Human Rights”.

Committee of Experts on the Reform of the Court (DH-GDR): The DH-GDR is a plenary inter-governmental committee specialising in work on the reform of the Convention system, under the authority of the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH). It supervises the preparatory work undertaken by the various drafting groups. It meets three times a year at the Council of Europe offices in Strasbourg”.

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