The Commissioner for Human Rights’ comments on the HRA debate.

Nils-MuižnieksThe Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks (pictured), recently visited the UK, and trips to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland as well as England were on his agenda. Below are extracts from the press release that was issued in relation to his visit, in which some interesting comments are made/ quotations offered concerning the Commissioner’s impressions of how debates on the HRA and the ECHR have proceeded in the UK. Rather interesting too, were the comments made by Dominic Raab when he was asked about Mr Muižnieks’ views (see below). Continue reading


Bărbulescu v Romania accurately reported, if you know where to look

Last week the Strasbourg ruling in Bărbulescu v Romania grabbed the headlines. The British tabloid press told us that Strasbourg had handed employers new powers to read their employees’ private e-mails etc.. This was a complete misrepresentation of the case, in which, in essence, Strasbourg ruled that, on its particular facts, there had not been a violation of Article 8 by the respondent State, whose legal system had permitted a company to dismiss an employee for breaching the company’s regulations about use of computers at work.

I had intended to blog on this case, with a more detailed analysis of why the tabloid reporting of it, and that of some other media outlets, was inaccurate, if not simply wrong. In fact, however, all I need do is refer to the following excellent accounts, which have now appeared on-line: Continue reading