Steven Greer & Rosie Slowe: The Conservatives’ proposals for a British Bill of Rights: mired in muddle, misconception and misrepresentation? #echr

6823… just a couple of lines to inform that Professor Steven Greer and Rosie Slowe (Bristol) have recently published the following article in European Human Rights Law Review (reference: 4 (2015) EHRLR 372).

Here is the abstract:

‘The government seems determined to deliver on its 2015 election manifesto commitment to replace the Human Rights Act with a , and, by limiting the role of the European Court of Human Rights to that of an advisory body, to make the Supreme Court the “ultimate arbiter” of human rights in the United Kingdom. Withdrawing from the Council of Europe and the European Convention on Human Rights has also not been ruled out. But, with a slim majority, significant unease on the Conservative backbenches, and stiff resistance likely from both Houses of Parliament, none of these outcomes is by any means certain. This article seeks to dispel the muddle and misconception, and to correct the apparent misrepresentations, which characterise the Conservative proposals. We conclude that the case for change has not been convincingly made, that to proceed as intended would create at least as many problems as would be solved, and that the existing arrangements, imperfect though they may be, should be retained’.

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