Merris Amos: ‘Where are we up to now on the British Bill of Rights?’ #echr

amosI fully expect anyone who has visited this blog will already know all about Dr Merris Amos’ outstanding work on the Human Rights Act (amongst other things), and so have probably been following her site ‘The Human Rights Essay’. Just in case you have not, I would love to draw it to your attention.

If I may say so, the essays are highly informative – essential reading for anyone interested in the on-going situation of the UK’s relations with Strasbourg, as well as the future of the HRA.

Dr Amos’ latest essay (title above) is a stock-take on the current situation as regards  a possible British Bill of Rights. It includes a critique of the recent (late June/ early July) Parliamentary debates on the future of/ reform of the HRA (see also here).

The site (link here) also contains much other valuable information including, for example, an analysis of the UK’s record at Strasbourg over the last year (see here).

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